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Are your goods hand made?

Yes.  The embroidery panels on all of our products are hand stitched.  The felt used in our felted products is hand made.

Hand made goods, whether brand new or up-cycled from several decades ago, are all individual pieces of art.  

So there will be minor variations in stitching and detail between products made to the same specification in the same batch.

For up-cycled pieces, what you see are the salvageable parts of a bigger art work.  These products are truly unique.

Are your goods fairly traded?

Yes.  We have worked with Mary & Martha Mongolia for a number of years and know that every effort is made to ensure fair trade practices are followed.  MMM pays 50% of it's retail sale price (in Mongolia) to our artisans.  The usual practice is for shops to take the goods on consignment and only pay when they actually sell.  MMM policy means payment to the Artisan as they work, often in winter, when fuel & heating costs are highest.  MMM is a Mongolian company and pays taxes on it's sales & profits.  It only deals with artisans who are also prepared to do business properly, register and pay taxes.  

Do your up-cycled goods have imperfections?

Yes.  Minor ones.  Up-cycled embroidery pieces have already had one life as "wall paper" in a Ger(Yurt) for many years.  There may be minor tears, nicks, oil and cigarettes burn damage to the piece.  It may also have faded and some stitches may be missing.  This is part of the story attached to it being up-cycled, which we like.  

Do you have a shop?

No, we sell through the internet and at craft/gift fairs.  If you are interested in our products and can get to Oxfordshire, we will attend a number of fairs in 2020.  See the "Where we will be" page