Fair & Ethical

All our goods are traded fairly and ethically, sourced from artisans in Mongolia through Mary & Martha Mongolia (MMM), a business which follows the principles of "Unashamedly Ethical", as does East West Creative.

MMM contracts with artisans each year and encourages them to become financially self-sustaining.  Artisans are paid for products when delivered, rather than waiting until the goods are sold to receive their money.  In addition, MMM provides interest-free advances to allow raw materials to be purchased, where necessary.  This helps alleviate the cashflow problems experienced by artisans in their early years.

MMM works with artisans long-term to support business growth by helping them to design and develop products that meet customer needs, advise on production techniques, finance and pricing, HR and productivity.  

Mary & Martha Mongolia pays its staff a good wage (plus sales incentives) and pays its suppliers well, so that the cooperatives and businesses supplying them (MMM) are able to pay a fair wage (at least the legal minimum wage) to their owners/staff/artisans.  This is not the norm in this sector.  

We would not work with them if they were not ethical!